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Paylocity is a popular cloud based Payroll and HR services provider in United States headquartered in Chicago, founded in 1997 by Steve Sarowitz. It has developed the software for simplifying the HR and Payroll functions and servicing many employers. Paylocity has made the lives easy for payroll and human resources professionals. Clients have trust in using tools and increased efficiency and managing the Payroll and HR functions more effectively.

Paylocity Login

The user can login to Paylocity from any web browser and mobile app whether it is Android or IoS.

Please see below the steps for Paylocity Login

  1. Access the web pay at
  2. Enter the paylocity assigned company ID
  3. Enter the User Name ( not-case sensitive)
  4. Enter the Password (case sensitive  and 7 to 20 characters)
  5. Click on Login.

Paylocity User Account Registration

You need to register first to login to the Paylocity services below are the steps to Register Paylocity Account:

  1. Once you have received notification from Human Resources or Payroll an account has been created, go to, a secured website.
  2. The user has to click the “Register New User Account” link
  3. Enter the Image Text and click on the Next button.
  4. Enter Company Id, B4845. Enter the user’s Last Name, nine digit Social Security number, and Home Zip Code exactly as they appear in the Demographics screen. Click the Next button.
  5. Enter the User Name and Password you will be using when accessing this account. You need to enter the password again to confirm the new password. Click the Next button.
  6. The user has to secure the account with 3 login security questions and accordingly enter the answers for 3 questions in the dropdown list. Click the Next button.
  7. Image security allows the user to recognize his account. The user has to select image from the drop down. This image will appear every time the user logins along with the user name and password. Click the Next button.
  8. Click the Finish button to create the new user account.
  9. When you login for the first time check, the “Remember Me” box and the system will save the Company ID and your User Name.

If you have questions or issues with set-up contact: Anita Willingham, Payroll at or 541.278.5750 or Connie Fellows, Human Resources at or 541.278.5837

After registering the new user, an employee or HR professional has login to his account with above mentioned paylocity login procedure

Revolutionizing the world of Human Capital Management

The back room where payroll and HR are has been functioning the manual process, data technology and binders that was the case before.  Paylocity empower your organization with payroll and HR technologies that simplifies and streamline critical processes.

With software design specifically for how you work, you will be amazed what you can accomplished. With positive first impression to the practical understanding of new hires using Paylocity mobile responsive customizable onboard solutions.

Simplify benefit enrollment with integrated tools that takes stress out of managing benefits for you and your employees. With Paylocity impress employees and management can send notes of recognition to one another and even make it visible to the whole organization.

Paylocity talent management tools, performance reviews are streamlined putting the focus on employee not a complex process. Helps strives to take strategic decision making by sharing analytics and insights with leadership.

Paylocity reporting and analytic capabilities allow you to evaluate success indicators like average tenure, turnover, and retention rate and at the sometime and the data you find can make all the difference.

Paylocity – Make a difference in Payroll and HR

Payroll and HR specialist in every organization strives for continuous improvements in their functions. With increasing number of employees, it is difficult to give accurate data and reports to the management.

However, Paylocity ideas are matching to the customer requirement and come up with comprehensive solutions in payroll and HCM software. Using paylocity HR professionals can get reports, analytics, and automate. Reduces workload and increases efficiency.

Paylocity – How they deliver industry-leading software

Below are the factors that helps to develop software by the Paylocity:

Partnership – Collaborating with customers helps in understanding requirements and deliver services with commitment towards technology that enables the customer to get the best solutions.

Integration – With the integration of tools with major systems the payroll and HR professionals feels less burden in their day-to-day tasks.

Analytics – The analytics are crucial for every business. Customization of analytics in to the software helps the business owners to take right decisions.

User Experience – Paylocity focuses on User experience.  The Users feel satisfaction when using the software to increase efficiency.

Employee Engagement

Thinking in terms of employee friendly software make life easy for the employers and employees that deliver easy access to personal information, communication tools.

Mobile First

Mobiles play important role in day-to-day life. Paylocity software is mobile friendly and allows employees to access information through mobile app.


If the client or employees or HR Professionals face any difficulty in paylocity login or any issues with web access or mobile access. First, they can browse and Find answers in FAQs section. For any additional support on tools and more they can call the 24/7 support service by calling the toll free number 1-888-873-8205 or they can also email to service@paylocity,com.

Paylocity – Products & Services

Paylocity has developed many tools for the Payroll and HR professionals for the easy and convenience. Below are the important products and services developed by them.

1. Payroll Management

Payroll calculations are hectic in nature and need more attention. However, with the Paylocity software provides user-friendly online payroll solutions. In addition, it offers easy reporting features.

New Hire Templates – The Payroll specialist can customize web pay fields in to one screen to view earnings and deductions and direct deposits.

Edit Templates – The user can edit the payroll and HR processes by using “drag and drop” technology to customize any number of templates.

Customs Checklists – Can create customs checklist of payroll information of specific templates in order to keep track and nothing is missing afterwards.

Process Register – Employees can refer to the paychecks for the accuracy before processing for the release of payment. Process Register helps in instant preview of payroll information.

Configurable Frameworks – Expert framework to configure custom general ledgers, accruals, and complex reports with calculations for quick, actionable decision-making.

Data Integration – Transfer your benefit files, 401(k) information, retirement plans, and much more automatically to your preferred vendor(s) with our integration capabilities.

2. Human Resource Management

Managing HR function is not easy in companies with large number of employees. The process involves excessive documentation and maintain files for each employee. Unlike the traditional way Paylocity’s cloud based payroll and HCM platform gives the employers a powerful tool that reduces physical documentation and time for the HR professionals in the Organization.

Employees with easy access to personal payroll and HR information:

HR professionals face many challenges in handling queries of each employee on payroll, HR realted.Paylocity’s Human Resources tools introduced Self-Service portal for easy access to employees’ personal information and company information, and all levels of the company will be connected in a single location.

Put the power in employee’s hands:

The self-services portal keeps employees, supervisors, and managers connected each other. Reduce the activities for Human Resource professionals. The employee can himself check all the information pertaining to him.

Employee Self Service

  • Establish internal communications and increase employee satisfaction by communicating important company news and objectives.
  • Reducing burden on HR and Increase productivity by providing immediate access to critical information like pay, benefits and time off details.
  • As everything online, there is no need of using papers that reduces cost and time for the HR and employees can access key items such as handbooks organizational charts, training videos and more.

With Manager Self-Service, you will empower your management team to:

  • Approve changes, manage tasks, and access employee information in a single view.
  • Initiate pay-rate changes and route changes for approval
  • Automatically assign supervisors to direct and indirect reports
  • Impersonate direct reports to expedite problem solving

3. Reporting & Analytics

Data plays major role in today’s world, it is important to have HR metrics in one place to understand the important asset-the people. Paylocity has convenient tools that produces analytics and reporting that empowers the business owners to understand what is happening in the work force and helps in taking strategic decisions.

Bring strategic decision making to the forefront with powerful analytics and dashboard technology to:

  • Aggregate Trend Data – Access year over year trend data to see how headcount and term count change over time.
  • Use Predictive Analytics – Identify and take action on at-risk employees to improve employee retention.
  • Slice & Dice Data – Drill deep into unseen cross-sections of your company to discover trends

Powerful dashboard technology keeps you ahead of HR trends and policies:

  • Turnover: Helps in viewing critical turnovers by department, manager, and location with bubble charts that highlight top turnover areas.
  • Retention Risk: When an employee leaves organization suddenly, it is a loss to the company. It helps in creating retention strategies whether the salaries offering are best suitable for the job.
  • ACA: Track employee eligibility, affordability, and large employer status for your organization on an ongoing basis.
  • Year End: View potential errors, outstanding tasks, W-2 previews and more on a single screen to keep you on top of this busy time of year.

4. Benefits Admin Technology

Eliminating complex Enrollment – In every organization, it is quite common that employees may quit and new employees will join at any period. It is difficult to handle in a manual process environment to process files and benefits that are eligible for employees.

With Paylocity’s Benefits Admin Technology reduces the stress in frequent changes in the employees by providing user-friendly enrollment solution accessible from any device. Reduces time in handling the ongoing administrative changes and manually processing carrier files and ensure employees complete enrollment on time through custom announcements, enrollment rules, and eligibility groups.

Working as part of a unified HCM suite, Web Benefits features:

Self -Service

Benefit admin technology tool allows employees to access and manage the enrollments, benefits and contributions and beneficiaries themselves.

Advanced Plans & Rules – Allows the employees to choose best plans for themselves in medical, transit, dental, vision, parking etc.

Carrier Files – Unlike manual filing, after the administrator approval, employee can send electronic data interface files to carriers to update employee coverage.

Robust Reporting – Prepare for open enrollment or reconcile new elections with reports that give you the data you need.

Mobile Access – Employee can enroll through mobile also as it reduces stress for employee to use the application from any internet-connected device.

Admin Analytics – Easily access information for open enrollment status, contribution amounts, plan election breakdowns, and more.

5. Time and Labor

Paylocity’s time and labor solution enables the user to handle the complex job of time and attendance of employees. The tool developed with the combination of flexibility and scalability, Paylocity’s time and labor solution works with Web Pay, removing manual tracking and data entry with accuracy and compliance.

Paylocity’s comprehensive solution with Web time ensures accuracy and accountability for HR team, managers and employees.

  • Any nature of employment and employee type i.e. hourly, salary, remote or onsite, the tool track time and attendance data.
  • It allows easy job for Managers to create, track, and adjust schedules as needed without the need for manual work. In addition, it automatically synchronizes with necessary payroll data.
  • Provides reports as and when required gives weekly summary of hours or time off summaries and view a live status of schedules on the supervisor dashboard to fix employee expectation.
  • Assign and track points for attendance occurrences such as tardiness, absenteeism or misuse of break meals period.

Web Time’s mobile functionality puts the power of TLM in the palm of your hand.

  • Clocking In & Out
    This feature makes provision for employees to punch in and out from the mobile devices by maintaining accuracy and reducing the cost of physical time clocks and punch cards.
  • Geo-Fencing
    Sends Managers notifications if any employees attempts to punch outside the parameter set by the company.
  • Time Off Requests & Scheduling
    Employees can request time-off or view upcoming work schedules from anywhere. Managers can receive notifications for time-off requests or schedule changes – and approve/deny requests from their mobile device.

6. Talent Management

Attract top talent, promote engagement, and improve job satisfaction.

Paylocity’s talent management tools are beneficial for the employers in maximizing employees’ potential. The tools are strategic and efficient with industry-leading features such as peer recognition, surveys, recruiting and applicant tracking, compensation management etc.

Talented workforce lead the Company’s Success.

Paylocity helps in reaching your target candidates, creating custom workflows, communicating with internal candidates. The Recruitment platform simplifies the job of attracting candidates and tracking applicants for the employers and HR managers.

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking:

Business success starts with recruiting a talented workforce.

Success of business starts with recruiting talented workforce. On an average, each job posting will have approximately 250 applicants. If the company have multiple positions to recruit there may be thousands of resumes in their database. Paylocity’s Web Recruiting platform simplifies this process, allowing you to focus on attracting and retaining top talent.

Improve productivity among recruiting and hiring managers:

Reach your audience

The first step in recruiting is to advertise the job. With Paylocity’s Talent Management tools every job posted in indeed automatically, which is the world’s largest job board and it offers free posting. In addition, if you choose for any paid job posting in specific job boards it is possible by paying money.

Automate hiring tasks:

After the sign up with the partner, it allows check the profiles of the candidate and run background checks and verify the results. The partner finalizes the applicant’s offer and start the onboarding process with Paylocity’s Online Onboarding tools.

Configure Application:

Configure your application form to reduce drop-off and collect the information you need, such as custom screening questions, government EEO, and OFCCP compliance tracking.

Custom Workflows

Custom hiring workflows allow you to create the workflow to fit a job opening. Custom email templates allow you to send personalized emails throughout the hiring process.

Attractive Internal Talent

Search for hires from within your organization by posting internal jobs to Employee Self Service Portal. Internal applicant information is pre-populated, making the application process seamless.

Communicate Internally

Share applicant information and feedback with internal stakeholders quickly and receive notifications instantly when key candidates move across the hiring process.

7. Compensation Management

Ensure fair, competitive pay for your employees:

Compensation plays major role in recruiting the employees, as it is the most influential factor in employee satisfaction. A survey on employees satisfaction reveals that, 62% of employees likely to change the jobs frequently for better compensation. With Paylocity’s compensation management tool, you can reward employees while keeping your organization’s bottom line top of mind.

8. Performance Reviews & Journaling

Performance review is the key process of talent management. Most of the companies using old methods and manual process to track employee performance. Paylocity’s advanced talent management solution simplifies the performance review process, saving you time and enhancing your employees’ appraisal experience.

Peer Recognition

Positive feedback from peers can mean so much for the employees. A research conducted by society for Human Resource Management says there is impact on recognition model by the managers is not effective, employees also want acknowledgement from the peers they work with them every day. Paylocity’s social, peer recognition tool, Impressions, and gives employees the ability to recognize each other from anywhere, anytime from the Self-Service Portal or mobile app.

How can peer recognition influence your organization?

  • Reinforce company culture
    • Increase Job Satisfaction
    • Reduce Employee Turnover

9. Surveys

Drive change with real-time employee feedback.

Communication in the workplace is essential to organizational success and employee satisfaction. According to SHRM’s 2016 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report, 48% of respondents stated communication between employees and senior management was very important. Driving an open, honest dialogue across your organization creates a corporate culture your employees will be proud to be a part of and feel valued.

With Paylocity’s Survey tool, you can gather feedback and data to

  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Take Relevant Action
  • Drive Authentic Change

The employer can choose pulse surveys or default engagement i.e. new hire and exit; the candidates are anonymous, which enables honest and open feedback. All surveys are simple to use and responses are automatically summarized.

Paylocity Mobile

Mobiles are playing vital role in every individual’s day-to-day life. Smart Phones and devices are dominating in all the ways of communications. Delivering information on mobiles are necessary these days to employees. Paylocity’s cloud solutions provides access to the paylocity mobile app, which is developed to perform faster and flawless using any web browser.

Features for employees in Paylocity App:

  • Log in using Touch IDs for faster, easier access to your payroll, HR and personal data.
  • View paycheck information, check history, schedules, time sheets, benefit information and time off requests.
  • Access the company directory, update, contact information, and recognize colleagues with impressions.
  • Stay current on a company news, announcements, and employee achievements.
  • In addition, first time users see a series of welcome screens to highlight key features.

Features for Managers and supervisors in Paylocity app:

  • View schedule changes, time sheets, and time-off requests instantly
  • Approve time-off requests, schedule changes, and employee recognition badges.
  • Receive push notifications when direct reports make requests or are awarded with recognition badges

Client Training – Paylocity provides training on the solutions, with training courses that are designed to help HR and Payroll professionals to work in fast paced and efficient work environment.

Guided – The users have difficulty in how to start. The tool make it simple by browsing course by topic, view suggested courses and recommended audiences.

Unlimited – The training is Free & unlimited for all users from fundamentals to everything.

Flexible – Paylocity courses are flexible. You can schedule according to your time and convenience. A user can attend any time for the instructor-led, on demand and webinars trainings.


    1. Payroll expense
    2. Compensation & Benefits
    3. Talent Management
    4. Data & Analytics
    5. Compliance management
    6. Employee Engagement experience
    7. Learning and development

In addition to online training course offerings, Paylocity conducts annual user conference on HCM technologies, which helps the user to gain knowledge to the next level. Join Paylocity experts, power users, product developers, industry leaders, and more to explore trends and best practices for today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


Paylocity mission is to elevate the profession on payroll and human resources across the back room and into the boardroom with the cloud based payroll and Human Capital Management solutions. Their vision is to focus continuous improvements in the technologies and providing clients the same caliber software tools useful in other critical areas of business.